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Tips on Getting better-paying Writing Jobs

I assume you have been wondering where to get freelance jobs that pay better. Several writers complain of getting underpaid for the enormous work they do, and many tend to ditch the dream of becoming writers. If you are here to get the tips, then you are in the right place. You need to follow the hot clues we have for you here. Here is what you need to know:

Good paying writing jobs

I referred a gig worth $150 a post this past week to aboard. Not long ago, someone I know dropped a job paying $30 per posting and got one that paid $175. The question most people tend to ask is, how do people get such deals? You only need to do these two things:

  • Shift your thinking. If you think there are better-paying writing jobs out here and you make a decision to chase them, then you probably have a chance of getting one or two.
  • Search in the right places. After you have changed your mindset about it, you will get ready to find better-paying clients on the right platforms.

Here are the tips to land better-paying jobs

  1. Find a smaller pool

If you are looking for jobs on sites like Craigslist, you better stop right away as there are tens of thousands of writers like you looking for gigs there. Look for niches that few jotters discover. If you are a finance guru, you can find jobs at Gorkana alerts. They put up both media and healthcare writing alerts too. Finding such listings can be a rather uphill task, but the effort will not go to waste.

  1. Get inquisitive

If you want to be out there, then go out. Ask around, attend networking events for writers, or enroll on a list server. You can find tons of helpful information by talking to people in your field. From such gatherings, you can even get referrals for your business. You can investigate and find out the different types of writers you have around you. Some get paid once in six months or those who get paid a dollar for a single word. Find them and have a conversation with them to get their different perspectives on their jobs. Find out about those who are growing or those who are on the brink of falling down the cliff. These meetings can get attended, either in person or virtually.

  1. Think outside the box

Avoid guessing on who is going to pay a lump sum amount. Research to gear you towards finding market places that pay better amounts of money. If you have been keen, then you might have realized that most writer jobs do not get advertised on any media. The editor is probably tired of going through thousands of resumes to handpick a perfect fit. You will probably find the best gigs when you look into ventures many people do not visit. To find better-paying markets, you should try the already established ones, not these small and upcoming websites that will overwork you and leave you underpaid. You should also make the publications that pay well your targets. Pitching to profitable organizations will also take you a long way.